Pre Kindergarten Supply List 2017

Yung Wing Elementary School P.S. 124

40 Division Street

New York, New York 10002

Tel. 212-966-7237 Fax 212-219-3069

Alice Hom, Principal

Melissa Helman, Assistant Principal   Yi Law Chan, Assistant Principal

September 2017

Dear PK parents,

We would like to welcome you and your child into our Pre-K family. Our goal is to make your child comfortable, confident, and good about themselves. To do this, we will give them a loving, nurturing, challenging and learning environment in school.

We want to encourage caring for others but discourage any forms of violence. With this in mind, please leave all toy guns, action figures, such as super heroes and other toys at home.

Due to budget cuts, we are requesting the following supplies from each child to bring to school:

  • A list of allergies
  • A recent photograph of your family
  • Set of clothes ( top, bottom, underwear and socks)
  • Mat cover ( 28”x 53” – it should look like a pillow case for the mat. We would appreciate it if the mat cover is as close to the dimension as possible)
  • A light blanket for rest time
  • One box of tissues
  • One roll of Bounty paper towels
  • Two fat permanent glue sticks
  • One backpack big enough to hold a folder without bending
  • One pack of construction paper
  • One pack of Xerox paper (500 sheets)

In addition:



● One box of thick Crayola washable     


● One box of Crayola color pencils         

0ne bottle of Elmer’s glue (7.6 floz)

● One box of thin Crayola washable


● One box of 24 Crayola crayons

Ziploc bags ( gallon sizes)

If possible, any additional contributions of the following will be appreciated:

  • Hand Sanitizer ( Purell)
  • A bottle of hand soap
  • Clorox wipes or a bottle of spray cleaner

( Supplies can be sent in by Friday, September 8th )

We have an exciting year planned. We look forward to working with you and your child.


 The Pre-K staff





我們熱烈歡迎您和您的孩子來到我們學前班大家庭. 我們的目標是能令到

你的孩子感到舒適、有自信, 並自我感覺良好. 為了達到此目標, 我們將提供你孩



我們鼓勵孩子對別人有愛心, 但是絕對不鼓勵任何暴力行為. 請記著, 不要讓

孩子們在家中擁有任何玩具槍,  打闘公仔, 例如超級英雄和其他暴力性玩具.


由於經費削減, 我們要求孩子們在九月份開學將以下用品帶來學校:


  • 列出孩子對任何東西敏感的清單
  • 一張近期全家福照片
  • 一套衣褲 (適合天氣的上衣和褲子, 內褲和襪子)
  • 一張床套 (尺寸28”x 53” 像大枕頭套用來套著床墊. 尺寸盡量接近床墊大小)
  • 一張薄被午睡用
  • 一盒擦面紙巾
  • 一捲擦手紙巾
  • 兩個粗的膠條
  • 一個書包, 尺寸要可以裝得下文件夾而不會折壞
  • 一包勞作紙
  • 一包Xerox影印紙 (500張裝)





● 一盒粗的Crayola可水洗彩色筆

●  一盒 Crayola 彩色鉛筆    

● 一瓶 Elmer’s 膠水(7.6盎司裝)

● 一盒细的Crayola可水洗彩色筆

●  一盒 24枝裝 Crayola蠟筆

● 易拉鏈封口塑膠袋 (一加侖裝)


如果可以, 請家長捐贈下列用品, 感謝合作:

  • 殺菌洗手液 ( Purell)
  • 一瓶皂液
  • Clorox 消毒濕紙巾或一瓶噴霧式清潔劑

(文具用品可在九月八日, 星期五前帶來學校)


我們新學年的計劃非常令人興奮. 我們期待在新學年與你和孩子一起合作.