Rules & Regulations


  1. Respect one another and help your fellow students.
    • We respect each other’s race, religion, sex or other differences.  Think before you say or do something to someone else that might be hurtful or disrespectful.  You must keep your hands to yourselves at all times.  You should not fight, call each other names, use curses or scream at each other.  Bring only appropriate materials to school (no electronic games, cell phones, Yu-Gi-Oh cards etc.).
    • We should always be willing to help one another.  If a classmate is confused by a lesson, offer your help.  If s/he feels bad about something, be there as a friend to listen or say a kind word.
  1. Respect school property.
    • Help to keep the school clean.  If you see paper on the floor anywhere in our school, you should pick it up – even if you did not throw it there.  When you use the bathroom, you should flush.  The bathrooms are not a play or meeting area.  You should not play with the toilet paper or throw wet paper on the ceiling.  Children who deface the bathroom will be required to clean it up.
    • While walking down the halls, you should not scream or talk in a loud voice, since other children are in their rooms learning.  Use proper line-up procedures at all times, especially arrival and dismissal line up.  There is absolutely No Running at any time in the hallways or stairwells.
  1. Safety in the Yard
    • In the school yard, school aides and a supervisor are in charge to make sure that you are safe.  Please listen to and follow their instructions.  If you are asked to stop running or playing in a rough manner, please STOP!  When the yard is crowded, it is very easy to trip or push into someone.  LOOK in front of you and around you.  Remember, keep your hands to yourself.  When you use the jungle gym, do not walk up the slide or push anyone on the slide.  Swing across the hanging bars in one direction and no one should run under this area.  When you hear a whistle, you are to STOP playing immediately, line up in an orderly way and wait for your teacher.
  1. Dress Code
    • Children should dress appropriately for school and weather.  Hats and caps are not         worn in the school building.  On days when you have gym, you must wear sneakers or you will not be allowed to participate in activities.
  1. School Regulations


  • School officially begins at 8:10 AM for all students.  A student is considered late at 8:10 AM and must go to the main office for a late pass.  This is a very important parental responsibility and does appear on your child’s records.
  • Breakfast is served on Wed. & Thurs. from 7:30 AM – 8:00 AM.  Don’t wait until the last minute to get to school and eat your breakfast.  Make sure to clean up your table and throw away your breakfast tray.  Milk must be poured into the sink and cartons are thrown away in a separate garbage can for recycling.
  • During a fire drill, do not talk.  Follow all instructions given by your teacher and walk quickly, quietly and in an orderly manner to designated areas. 
  • At the end of the school day, follow your teacher out of the building in an orderly fashion.  Once you are out of the building, YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED BACK IN. NO CHILD MAY LEAVE THE SCHOOL PREMISES TO BUY SNACKS.


  • Arrival Procedures:                  Grade Line Up Area

Pre-K                            Teacher will pick up child at front entrance at 8:05AM

K                                  Cafeteria

1                                  Auditorium

2                                  Upper Schoolyard

3                                  Upper Schoolyard

4                                  Upper Schoolyard

5                                  Lunchroom

  • During inclement weather, 2nd& 3rd graders will wait in the gymnasium and 4th graders will sit in the auditorium.
  • Students will be allowed into the building when breakfast begins (See previous schedule).  They will be supervised by school aides, paraprofessionals and administrator(s).  Students should be in their line-up areas by 8:05 AM each morning.  Kindergarten students who eat breakfast will be escorted to their classrooms at 8:10 AM.  All other students (Gr. 1-5) will walk themselves to the cafeteria. 

Dismissal Procedures: Grade   Time                Dismissal Area

K          2:25      Exit 2 to Division St. (Ramp Area)

                 1          2:30      Exit 2   to Division St. (Staircase)

                 2          2:30      Exit 1 to Division St. (Black Gate)

                 3          2:30      Exit 6 to Backyard (Bowery)

                 4          2:30      Exit 6 to Backyard (Bowery)

                 5          2:30      Exit 6 to Backyard (Bowery)

  • Parents/Guardians picking up students must wait outside the school building at the designated exits.  K-2nd grade students will be brought to the main office after 2:30 PM.
  • K-1st grade students in after school programs will be picked up from their classrooms at 2:30 PM.  All other students will be instructed by their after school programs where to meet.  Parents should be aware that OFFICIAL supervision ends at 2:30 PM.  Children left alone are a safety hazard to themselves and others.  We will keep a list of late pick-ups and ask parents to come in for conferences.
  1. Homework
  • Homework is the responsibility of the student.  Parents should provide a quiet place and consistent time to get it done.  Teachers will explain their homework policy at “Parent Orientation” in September.  Concerns should be addressed to teachers before bringing them to the attention of the Administration.



If you:  

  1. leave the building without permission,
  2. are late for school consistently,
  3. have incomplete homework on a regular basis,
  4. are caught cheating,
  5. use bad language,
  6. lie or give false information to school personnel,
  7. call other people names,
  8. physically hurt another child,
  9. cause disruptive behavior,
  10. intentionally damage property belonging to the school staff or other children,
  11. steal,
  12. threaten any child, for any reason,


First               Teacher-Pupil Conference

Second          Your parent will be notified by letter or phone

Third              A guidance counselor and/or administrator will be notified

Fourth            If this is a repeated, serious offense, Principal’s Suspension will follow

Fifth               District Superintendent’s Suspension in cases of extreme violence or weapon possession



These regulations are enforced to create a safe, educational environment for your child.  Parents are welcome to P.S. 124.  Please call the school or write a request for an appointment with the teacher or other school staff member.

  1.  All parents must show ID and sign in at the Security Desk when entering the building and then receive a Visitor’s Pass in the Main Office.
  2. No parent may visit classrooms without a prior appointment.  This includes early pick-up or message delivery.  No phone calls will be transferred to the classroom during school hours.
  3. Parents cannot escort children after 8:05 AM beyond the lobby.
  4. To provide continuity and consistency of instruction, it is important that students NOT be taken out from school during school time.  Please make all doctor’s appointments after school and vacation plans according to the Department of Education’s School Calendar.
  5. Parents of students who attend an after-school program must inform teachers in writing or call the main office before 1:30 PM if they are picking their child up during regular dismissal.
  6. Medications may not be administered by classroom teachers. An appointment should be made to see the school nurse.  A 504 form must be completed if medication is to be administered by the school nurse to your child.
  7. If a child is not eating the school lunch, a packed lunch should be brought in by the child when s/he arrives at school. Delivery to the school in the middle of the day is a disruption of instructional time.
  8. Please keep your emergency contact phone numbers up to date. It is extremely important that we have numbers that are in service in order to reach you for emergency reasons.